Paramount launches 3A Bazaar

India's First MOBILE Retail for The Rural India

J P Nagar 29th April 2007

While the entire urban nation is witnessing change in retail format in India, How can rural India be left far behind? Paramount Trading Corp (Pvt.) Ltdis one of the renowned and largest exporter of Metal handicrafts in India has launched 3A Bazaar and taken the initiative of uplifting and empowering Rural India by enhancing reach of Information and quality products. 3A Bazaar is a unique strategy to bring the 1st chain of rural retailing in India through mobile vans.

Unfortunately modern retail is only in cities of India. So if the citizens living in cities of India are enjoying benefits of modern retail why should Rural India lag behind? This has given birth to the idea of rural retailing under the banner of 3A Bazaar. 3A Bazaar is India's first shop on wheels to start in different villages of JP Nagar. And is surely to find its place in the books of history.

3A Bazaar offers wide range of products from Grocery to FMCG, Cosmetics, Stationary and Women Accessories.

In the first phase company has started its operations with 5 mobile vans in JP Nagar. Each van operates in villages with population of less than 10 thousand people. Each van is assigned a different route and covers 1.00 Lac to 1.25 Lacs of Rural consumers. The company plans to add another 20 vans by end of FY 2007-2008. Setting of Fixed stores will follow this.

3A Bazaar helps consumers to buy authentic and Quality products at a cheaper price at their own doorstep. 3A Bazaar will also work towards rural development by educating and exposing new and genuine products to consumers.

Mr. Asad Shamsi MD, 3A Bazaar, said that we have been working for over a year and have conducted numerous research and studies in the rural India. The mobile vans and their products are a result of this research. The product offering has been very carefully selected so that rural consumers will get value for money.

He expressed Gist and Strength of 3A Bazaar by saying this....

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